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Decided it would be best to have a "home base" that doesn't get wiped ;)

Somewhere we can all input and help out and somewhere you can go to find out what is the latest happenings to the server we are all enjoying..... Well hopefully

Server Information

Important Server and Forums Information can be found here.
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Server Information

Post by Chav » Mon Feb 04, 2019 1:12 am

Our servers are set up to allow maximum gameplay.

Difficulty Offset = 0.5 so a little harder than default
Harvesting Rates x 20
Experience x 20
Taming Speed x 10
Player HP Boosted
Player Stamina Boosted and slower drain
Player / Tamed Weight Boosted
Player / Tamed Damage Boosted
Global Spoiling is x3 slower than default
Baby Mature Speed (Growth) is x3 faster than default for breeding
ALL Engram Points = 20 Points per level allowing all Engrams by level 71 and more for when mods are added.

Current Mods
Stacking Mod
Server Information Mod

PVE Islands - These are designed to be hard
All 8 Powerstones are in caves on the PVE islands (Ignore the black circles on the map) Once you have killed the island defender (usually the drake / hydra) you get an artifact from there you find the cave and get your powerstone.
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