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Server Rules

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Server Rules

Post by Chav » Mon Feb 04, 2019 1:10 am

Leaving Ships in Freeports:
Any ships left in freeports will be demolished - this prevents other players from accessing the freeport easily and is just a nuisance there is plenty of space around the server to anchor up.

Tribe Names:
Your tribe name cannot be offensive, contain advertising or include swear/vulgar words, this is a game (with kids who play) and those who dont take it seriously should go elsewhere,
if you are unsure on the classification of your tribe name, contact Ash on Discord.

Player Names:
Your player name cannot be something with derogatory terms, swear words ... this indicates you dont take this game seriously and are just here to troll ... if the admin feels the name is offensive you will be removed.
Players shall not advertise using their player name or tribe name; this includes YouTube or Twitch addresses.

Land Claiming:
Claiming Excessive Land is just stupid claim what you need, if the admin feel what you have claimed is excessive we will ask you to remove some, if you do not we will claim your buildings and demolish your stuff.
No building around Cave Entrances on the PvE Islands to prevent players from accessing terminals

Structures that are abandoned or made demolish-able will be auto-demolished by the server or a bored admin.

Blackmail: If a player violates the rules against you or your tribe and it isn’t reported the moment you find out, or you choose to delay the report, you accept your report may be voided due to time factors.

Personal Information: Do NOT post or direct users to private information about other players, this information and peoples personal lives should not be involved in a video game, anyone found posting such information will be permanently banned from all servers.

Advertising: Players shall not advertise other servers, YouTube or Twitch addresses in game, if you need to share a discord that is fine as long as its related to general chat requests... advertising will result in an immediate ban.

Final Word: Chav has final say in all matters, even if not covered under the rules if he finds actions of players are detrimental to the community, action taken outside the rules may be taken to prevent disruption.

Remember, this is a SURVIVAL GAME, shit will happen, things will be said ... at the end of the day its just a game.


PvP Server Rules

PvP Grid is C1:
PvP is 24/7 on this server with no regrets. We ask that the 1 Admin spawn outpost is left untouched to allow Admin the chance to fast travel using the 1 bed in the outpost to better maintain the servers.
Admin by Day - Admin by Night (I will get to play soon).....