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Server Information

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 1:12 am
by Chav
Our servers are set up to allow maximum gameplay.

Difficulty Offset = 0.5 so a little harder than default
Harvesting Rates x 20
Experience x 20
Taming Speed x 10
Player HP Boosted
Player Stamina Boosted and slower drain
Player / Tamed Weight Boosted
Player / Tamed Damage Boosted
Global Spoiling is x3 slower than default
Baby Mature Speed (Growth) is x3 faster than default for breeding
ALL Engram Points = 20 Points per level allowing all Engrams by level 71 and more for when mods are added.

Current Mods
Stacking Mod
Server Information Mod

PVE Islands - These are designed to be hard
All 8 Powerstones are in caves on the PVE islands (Ignore the black circles on the map) Once you have killed the island defender (usually the drake / hydra) you get an artifact from there you find the cave and get your powerstone.